CC of Leawood Coaching Programs

Our Coaching Mission

To provide an outstanding golf experience that is a source of pride to our members and enhances the relationships of families and friends.

Through coaching, advice, the right equipment choices and fittings, we give our golfers better golf games and more enjoyment.

Everyone is unique and learns differently to one another; if you prefer to learn with video coaching then we at Country Club of Leawood have the very latest technology to help!

Coaching Sessions

It is nearly time to start focusing on how you are going to become a better player this season.

As your golf professionals, it is our job to help you set goals and reach them. We have the ability to use video to analyze any part of your game

and can use email to send you the lesson with reminders. In addition to that,

we have access to a TrackMan launch monitor to provide you top-notch feedback

on your swing and help maximize your potential!

UNLIMITED Lessons are back for 2021!               

Will you make the commitment to get better with us in 2021?

Shoot your lowest round, hit your longest drive?

Join us to create some AMAZING MEMORIES in 2021!

This is our 8th year we have offered the year-long UNLIMITED lesson package. It has been incredibly popular and we have seen

some amazing success with the students that make this commitment. 

Each golf professional will be able to take a total of 8 students, so let us know ASAP if you are interested!

The basic goal with the unlimited lessons is to get about one lesson a week throughout the year. The lessons can be tailored to work on anything you need from

full swing to short game and from putting to on-course instruction.

The year-long UNLIMITED will cover everything you need to make yourself a better player!

Discover the Fun of a Playing Lesson!

One of the fastest ways to improve is by improving the mental aspect of your game. A playing lesson will consist of two hours of golf in which we can cover so many things from side hill lies to making the right club choice.  Schedule below!

You can do this as just one player or can put a group together to join you in your playing lesson. The cost for a playing lesson is $150 for adults and $100 for any junior.