Callaway Chrome Soft X has always been about giving you as much distance and workability as possible. Testing has shown that the latest model is 7 yards longer than it was in 2018. But for some of our golfers, there’s an even better solution.

If you’re swinging above 100mph…
The Chrome Soft X LS is built for you.

It has a larger core and dual mantle that push ball speeds even higher when you’re swinging faster. You’re getting reduced spin on full shots, especially drives while the thinner, more durable urethane cover keeps spin rates high around the green.

The Chrome Soft Family

There’s only one way we can find out which Callaway Golf Ball suits you best, and it’s getting together for a swing assessment. Playing the right ball could be a gamechanger for you.

A broad spectrum of golfers will enjoy the softer feel and higher launch of the Chrome Soft.

Golfers who want increased workability will like the Chrome Soft X.

Aggressive swings that need extra assistance reducing spin on full shots need the Chrome Soft X LS.

Helping you hole more putts

Extra yards off the tee are great, but Callaway also offers help holing out on the greens. Every Chrome Soft Golf Ball comes in a Triple Track variety. This proprietary Callaway technology makes lining up your putts a whole lot easier.

Those of you who play Callaway Golf Balls will know the quality they bring to your game. And if you want to know how Callaway produces that quality, you’ll find this very interesting.

Your constant companion

Your golf ball is with you on every shot. Make sure you’re playing the right
Callaway Golf Ball for you.